1 Pound of Fat – Make This The Last Time You Beat Yourself Up Over Only Losing 1 Pound


We all know those people that hop on the scale after working out or dieting and get upset over losing 1 or 2 pounds.  SO, we thought we would show you what you’re losing!!!  pound of fat is a BIG deal!  In this picture below, the blob on the left is a plastic replica of what one pound looks like.  On the right an average coffee cup (this happens to be OUR coffee cup and can be purchased on zazzle) .


1 pound of fat

(click on the image to see the mug and pricing)

5 pounds of fat

This picture should motivate you further so keep at it!!

   The average person gains  5- 10 pounds of fat during the holiday season.  Don’t let it be you!!   Muscle is the best cure to ward off over eating.  So, don’t just be a “cardio queen” and hit the elliptical.  Pump some iron and keep the fat away!

“We Love Helping You Lose, One Tip At A Time”

Adria Ali


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