5 Minutes to a Better Body – A Must Watch Video


5 minutes to a better body

  I have spent over 13 years teaching people about nutrition and fitness.   It can sometimes feel like an endless journey and struggle to help people make changes that will benefit them.   This video create by Erwan Heu pretty much sums up what I teach nutritionally in 5 minutes!   I should be sending this to all my clients OR better yet, making my own with some added tips that I feel are also very important.  WATCH this 5 minutes to a Better Body and you WILL NOT REGRET IT.   If you are already well versed in nutrition, the fitness tips will still serve as a great reminder during this holiday season and beyond.

The creator Erwan Heussaff is also the writer for the blog, “The Fat Kid Inside.”   Having my own personal struggles in the past, I love to promote other creators and writers that have a powerful story to tell.   Sometimes your own challenges become a driving force that can’t be duplicated, and the message hits home with the masses.   If you know someone else who would benefit from this 5 minutes to a Better Body video, then pass it forward with our “share it links.”  Health is the gift that keeps giving.

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