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 Abs are one of thee most sought after body parts in the fitness community.  They comprise about 40% of all fitness inventions, gimmicks, and DVDs.  In fitness Rx’s February edition, pros gave inside info on how they attained their perfect set of abs.   We’ve broken it down for you into a quick snippet of fitness tips for better abs.


fitness tips

  • Be Patient!   Abs are a long road!
  •  Train Abs 2 -3 x per week
  • Eat clean and avoid fad diets – My personal favorite is Tasca Reno’s Eat Clean book and cook book
  • Make and exercise binder – Add exercises from magazines like fitness RX so you can change up your routines frequently.
  • Always focus on goals and to improve and progress
  • Change up your routines to keep your body guessing
  • Practice 10 second contractions through out the day
  • Always compare your progress to YOU and avoid comparing to others
  • Cardio is a HUGE for Flat Abs
  • Drink at least a gallon of water a day – to avoid retaining water
  • Track your progress 
  • Don’t get discouraged – Instead always focus on your goals.   Usually people give up, just as they are about to lose inches and see changes
  • Take Digestive enzymes to fight bloating from increased amounts of protein shakes and veggies in the diet
  • Take Probitotics to help move waste along in the digestive track – this also helps with bloating.
  • Eat small meals in small portions to avoid water retention and bloating that comes with big meals
  • Avoid beans, broccoli and chewing gum for a leaner look with less gas.
  • Take Omegas to decrease inflammation in the body and help burn fat as fuel.
  • Drink lactose free protein shakes.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 1.29.03 PM

Ab Routines From The Pros

  Ab Circuit 

  • 20 crunches 
  • 30 bicycle twists
  • 10 hanging tuck – ups
  • 15 leg Raises
  •     – —  Rest 45 seconds then repeat 3 more times



Use these fitness tips to get to your goals and achieve better abs.   Don’t forget that overall body fat does play a part in how prominent your abs are.  Focus on abs but also focus on your food intake.   They go hand in hand.




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