Are You Making A Splash At The Pool Swimming Or Diving?

ABC Splash

Or neither?

Last night I was fortunate or unfortunate enough, not quite sure which one yet, to catch ABC’s Splash. It was what I thought it was, celebrities thinking they were saving the world by doing a mediocre dive in an olympic size pool. Truth talk.

The part of Splash that caught my eye was that everyone was in good shape and had six packs, with the exception of Louis Anderson of course. Was it the constant swimming in the pool or the diving that made these celebrities slim down? My good friend whom I was watching it with confirmed that a specific celebrity had lost so much weight since the start of the show. So I went on a research excursion on which is more slimming and overall better, to dive, swim, or both!

Fit Tip Fact #1: Swimming is a FULL body exercise that can burn calories fast, just 1 hour of free style swimming can burn up to 500 calories!

So imagine training for Splash and having to perfect dives by jumping into the pool constantly and then getting out and going to the diving board to do it all over again. That’s burning some major calories too, but wait, they need to practice the dives on the trampoline before trying them on the diving board. So could the weight loss be also the work of a trampoline?!


Fit Tip Fact #2: If you jump on a trampoline for about 20 minutes you only burn about 60 calories. Tears!

Now don’t get me wrong jumping of any kind especially on a trampoline is Plyometric and did you know that Plyometrics is the only exercise that helps strengthen the bones! I know?! No need to double up on the calcium if you’re doing a form of Plyometrics today!

So in my extensive research that I did for all of you lovely readers, diving is only a calorie burner because of the swimming and trampolines are just fun, more than calorie burners. Bikini season is around the corner, get in a pool soon to kick start your body toning, and watch Splash all of my research will be backed up and you’ll help their ratings.

Pool Mermaid,

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