Can A Shirt Tone Your Body – Reebok Easy Tone Shirts

The Easy Tone shoes have bombarded our TV’s, sending Reebok sales through the roof with their creative commercials.  Now, there is a new product that will have people running to the store in hopes of toning their bodies with easy tone shirts and tanks.

The minute I saw this commercial I was in disbelief. How could a shirt help to tone your body? Could this be the answer to America’s posture problems.  Could this new shirt aid in weight loss????


Easy Tone Shirts use Resistone bands to create resistance as you move. Designed to tone and strengthen upper body muscles and improve posture and body alignment, EasyTone tops can be worn to work out or under everyday clothing

  • 80% Polyester / 20% Elastane body; 100% Polyester back mesh and toning bands
  • Tight Fit – athletic design contours to your body for maximum support; perfect for high-performance exercise; short sleeve; v-neck
  • Resistone bans create resistance as you move; designed to tone and strengthen upper body muscles, improve posture and better body alignment
  • Play Dry fabric wicks moisture, accelerates evaporation, increases ventilation, reduces chaffing and doesn’t trap heat  (source).

While America gains weight, it seems that more and more people are looking for an easy solution.  The bottom line is always the same.  As a nation, we eat too much and move too little.  If this shirt works, then GREAT!  However, it shouldn’t take the place of exercise.  If anything, it should be used in conjunction with an exercise routine to aid in weight loss, posture and strength.

I am sure I will be seeing these all over the gym within a couple of months.  There were no reviews online about this new apparel yet.  If you have tried this product, please write in and let us and our reader know how you like it!

Adria Ali

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