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bodybugg indentation


I’ll be the first to tell you that I have a love hate relationship with my bodybugg (also known as bodymedia).   I love that i get information that can help me get lean but I hate that after wearing it for several months I get an indentation in my arm.   As a trainer I LOVE this device and I have owned one since they came out almost a decade ago.   As time went on the newer versions got smaller but the indentation problem remained the same.   Clients also struggled with wearing the bodymedia device all the time.

I am on a cutting up phase after two grooling knee surgeries that made me gain access body fat.   I’m on a mission to get it off FAST!   I strapped on my bug, re upped my subscription and went into “trainer mode” on myself!    Simple enough right?!   Wrong, I soon realized that my surgeries and altered gimp lifestyle had left me with a horrible metabolism!   It was time to turn back time and gain my muscle back so I could eat like a normal person again!   Then I realized that my efforts were working BUT I was beginning to get that dreaded bodybugg indentation on my arm once more.  I scoured the web looking for some answers and googling “Can you wear the bodybugg and bodymedia on your leg?”


Here’s what I found…


Can You Wear the Bodybugg and Bodymedia on Your Leg?

After looking through several forums as well as the bodybugg site the answer was — Kinda.   People reported inaccurate reading while strapping the bodybugg and bodymedia to their legs.   They also complained that it didn’t always stay on.    Another precaution was that putting something that tight around your thigh could also affect one of the largest arteries to your heart and cause an embolism.   EEK!   Another person posted that they wore the bodybugg and bodymedia device on their calf during spin classes and had no trouble at all.

Personally I have seen these devices worn this way on the Biggest Loser and they seems to be ok as long as you had a large enough strap.   However, I am still not sure where you would place the device.  It should be on your upper thigh but,  does it go on the inner thigh closest to the vein?  The outer thigh or the front??


where can I wear the body media

Can You Alternate Arms While Wearing a Bodybugg or Bodymedia device?

It’s not recommended by the company to switch arms (but then again they aren’t wearing it and getting dents are they).  It is placed on the left arm closest to the heart for the most accurate calorie reading.   I have tested this in the last hour and watched the amount of calories I’ve burned per minute while wearing it on my right arm.  It’s hasn’t changed.   So I think it’s safe to say that you can alternate arms on different days.   I would recommend having in on your left arm for your really intense workout days (just in case).

Can I Take the Bodybugg or Bodymedia off at night?

Technically it’s best to wear it all night because your calorie burning will vary depending up how active you were during the day.   If you had one heck of a workout at Body Burn Bootcamp, then chances are you’re still burning more in your sleep as your body recovers and heals and you’ll want to know that when you wake up and sync your bugg!    If you have a relaxed day and a relaxed workout then you may want to give your arm a break so that you can avoid the dreaded indentation from your bodybugg device.   The gadget with guess what you’ve burned in your sleep and add it to your day based on your BMI.


I’ve Heard of People Wearing the Device in Their Bra So That It Can’t Be Seen .. Thoughts?

I read this and thought it was genius!!!   This is great if you have a big event, if you’re wearing a tank top, or you just don’t feel like being stared down in the grocery store!  HA!   Chances are, if you’re moving your arm, then your chest is moving with you!    This will help with the “steps taken” pedometer feature.  It’s also in contact with your skin but it’s out of sight.   I will have to test this to see how accurate it is but in theory it should work just fine.  It should also give your arm a break!    Now I wouldn’t do this all the time but once in a while (maybe 2-4 times a month) I think it should be ok.  This is due to possible radiation that could be coming from the bodymedia or bodybugg device.  You don’t want that being close to your glads and chest that much due to possible risks of cancer ect.


Trainer tips:   The bodybugg and bodymedia devices are supposed to be worn on the back of your upper arm (tricep area).   To enhance your look and get a benefit out of having a possible dent in your arm, wear the bug at the top of the tricep, right before the should cap.    If you do this, the indentation will actually create a dent that’s usually on very toned lean arms.  This will create the illusion of having lean toned arms (even if you aren’t quite there yet!).


I hope this gave a lot of people some MUCH NEEDED answers about the nagging question of “Can you wear the bodybugg or bodymedia on your leg.”  Personally, it’s helped me tons and I will be rotating my bug to avoid getting a dent in my arms!



Keep on burning,




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