The Shocking Dangers of Cell Phones

radiation and cell phones

  It's a new era, one in which we never leave the house without our cell phones.   People can be seen blindly walking the streets while staring at glowing screens.   It's as if cell phones have become an added appendage.   Forget your phone and your whole day is ruined.   Break your phone … [Read more...]

2 Minute – Paleo Cookie Dough

gluten free cookie dough

  The main issue with consuming ANY cookie dough is the potential of salmonella and of course the  carbs and the gluten.   What if there was a recipe that still allowed you to eat paleo and avoid gluten?  Well here's the solution!  Paleo cookie dough that's gluten free, worry free (minus the … [Read more...]

Summer Summer Summer Time…Abs!

The Best Ab Exercises

Guys. GUYS! Summer is in 2 days! That's right! Put down that carb-ie early afternoon snack ASAP Rocky! FitTip Fact: Did you know you shouldn't be eating carbs right now anyways, it's after 12! Yup, it's true, did you know that eating carbs before 12 is the way to go! Why you … [Read more...]