Celebrity Olympic Tweets – Are You In On All The Fun


The 2012 olmpics games are underway and they have some of the highest rating of all time. If you haven’t gotten in on all the twitter talk then it’s time you stopped by you lonely twitter account and get caught up on all the fun!



Celebrity Olympic Tweets  – Are You Watching??




“I friggin’ love the Olympics. I never thought I could care so much for people or sports that I just learned about six minutes beforehand.” Neil Patrick Harris




celebrity olympic tweets

Allison Schmitt!!!!! Hope they got pics of her soles, cause that’s ALL they saw!!! Go USA!!!!!  Samuel L. Jackson 

celebrity olympic tweets

“PROUD of my country…hosting the OLYMPICS…GO CANADA!!! ‘We Are The World’ coming up soon!! Im from Stratford ON CANADA and proud of it!  Justin Bieber

celebrity olympic tweets

“Dear NBC, Really? US vs. Canada isn’t HD but Russia vs. Czech is? In what world does this make sense? Love, Team Conan.”  Alyssa Milano

“Those girls are tearing the floor up for the USA! #Olympics,”  Lady Gaga

celebrity olympics tweets

“Congrats to the USA women’s gymnastics team on their win,”  Pink


celebrity olympic tweets

“Doing the splits is easy, standing back up…not so much,”  Ryan Seacrest


It’s fun to see all of these celebrity olympic tweets.  It’s just another reason why the olympic are so great!  Everybody’s watching, are you?

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