“Clean Freaks” Prone to Type 1 Diabetes


     There is nothing wrong with being clean.  We all know those people who rinse there food 4 times, bleach everything, and are always sanitizing the world.  What if their was such a thing as being too clean for your own good?  It seems that “clean freaks” could be at risk of depleting their body of the good bacteria that helps your immune system fight disease and even fight type 1 Diabetes. 


According to new research, excessive cleanliness may be to blame for the prevalence of Type 1 diabetes thus adding further weight to claims that our infection wary society is shunting the progression of our immune system to handle disorders like allergies or auto immune diseases.

Scientists say so-called good bacteria in the intestine may have a role in stopping our bodies from developing Type 1 diabetes.

The research published in the latest edition of “Nature” has also found the presence of such bacteria in the gut may also reduce the severity of the illness (

    OK, so I hate being messy and I definitely have to sanitize since I work at the gym. The solution would be to supplement your diet with probiotics to keep your body strong from the inside out. 

     A little advice; if you are going to take probiotics you should find one that is enteric coated.  This means that the coating on the pill doesn’t break down in your stomach acid.  Instead, it breaks down in your intestinal tract, where it should be delivered for ultimate results.  The best ones I have found (that don’t upset my sensitive stomach) are made by a company called Nutrition Works


Adria Ali



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