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Back in the day, Coco was a fitness model.  Of course this was before she changed the size of her chest.  After the augmentation, the fitness world turned their back on the pretty blond due to the size.  Today, breast implants in the fitness world are VERY common.   Very few know of Coco’s past with exercise, health and fitness.  SO I thought I would tap into her site and spread some of her fitness love around!   Coco’s fitness tips are extensive so I’ve hand picked some of my faves.


TIP *61-For those that R asking,personally,my cardio regiment consists of 25 min of sprinting on treadmill 3 times a week or I take a Boxing,Zumba,kickboxing, Dance or Body sculpt class.I even take my dogs jogging at the park.I try to confuse my body & not repeat my routine everyday

Tip #58- I don’t diet!I just eat small portions of food though-out the day & don’t eat a lot of sweets.I start the day w/yogurt or oatmeal & Fish oil pills

Tip 55#-When u do ab crunches exhale forcefully at the top of the movement. It forces your abs to work harder & you’ll get more definition


Tip 52#- Lunges Lunges and more Lunges are the best way to keep your butt and thighs tight.I hold 10 pound weights in each hand when I do mine


TIp 48#-The smaller you can get your waist to look the more shapely & plump your booty will look.Thats why I always finish my workouts w/ab


Tip #40-In order to get in shape fast u have to incorporate weight training and cardio together.Don’t skip one.You’ll burn more calories


Tip 34#-Build a butt by using heavy weights.No sissy weight!!(Like w/squats) Stay away from butt surgery.Hips should have a little jiggle.

Tip 29#-Chai Tea naturally boosts your metabolism.Its also suppresses hunger.At times,I went on Chai Tea diets before modeling contests.

Tip 19#-No pain,No gain!! Push yourselves hard and you’ll see much faster results. You got to feel some discomfort after working out.

Tip#1 do this anywhere-suck n your stomach(contract)& hold for 1 min,keep breathing.Do this 20 times.Its the opposite of doing sittups.



     These are just some of Coco‘s fitness tips, if you want to read more, visit her site  She has a list of 65!   She also tweets new fitness tips on twitter.  If you haven’t seen the show yet, you’re missing out!!  Make sure you tune in each week on E!


Adria Ali

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