Corn Free 2014

Monsanto Corn

I’m making a new vow to myself for 2014. I’m saying no to evil foods, like DAIRY. Literally ate it last night and woke up swollen and with rashes on my face. Can anyone say allergic?! It’s a constant battle, because Dairy is in everything delicious, well apparently so is CORN! Evil food number 2, but actually number 1 because I learned last night from the documentary Food Inc., 90 percent of Corn is genetically modified.

Yes, 90 PERCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because Monsanto owns 95 percent of corn and 85 percent of the soybean industry. So basically that corn on the cob is GMO, so is the popcorn you love at the movies and not to mention those amazing tortilla chips you eat at your local Mexican restaurant. Not to mention, corn is used as a filler in all sorts of foods, including meat!


But it’s going to be okay.

This is what you do: DON’T EAT THAT CRAP!

Easier said than done, I know, but I’m going to share with you some delicious non-gmo and Corn free foods that will suffice your corn-free needs.

I am a true Latina, and I LOVE chips, stereotypes are true because they’re real! Get over it!

BUT I will not eat chips anymore unless they’re Beanitos!

My fav is their black bean variation.


They also have white bean AND pinto bean variations!

Amazing right?!

Now, here comes a big one.

You should eat grass fed beef.

If they eat corn, then there’s corn in the meat. Period. The end.

I know a lot of you have families and can’t always buy grass fed or organic, then just try to stay away from products that aren’t non-gmo. Try organic, try! I know easier said than done. Well, here’s a helpful little thing I stumbled upon, because we see so many strange things on labels, and maybe if you see those scientific names are just hiding more corn, you’ll be more conscious and will eventually go all organic.

A girl can dream.

Corn Free Diet

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