Ditch The Pills And Spray On Your Vitamins – Anti Aging Phenomenon or Fad


I thought I had seen it all but I was mistaken when I read about this on the Huffington Post! A new formula for vitamins allows you to spray and walk away feeling and looking younger.  Think of it as a vitamin spray tan for your internal organs, your skin, and hair.

Ageless, is a full body spray composed of aloe vera, larch tree extract, vitamins A, E, C, and B5.  The mixture of ingredients allows the tonic to penetrate the skin in a quick and efficient manner.

Ageless vitamin treatments range from $50-70 and take around 15 minutes to be applied.  The benefits range from, reduced age spots, reduce fine lines to improvements in drying skin.

New York Times T Magazine writer Julie Earle-Levine recently tried out the anti-aging vitamin spray and revealed that she walked away with “a fresh, dewy face and moisturized and soft body.”

I think this is a win-win solution; I can now go to the salon to get my curly hairstyle refreshed and take my vitamins just as the doctor prescribed (source).


Strangely enough, I know a lot of people who would do this on their lunch breaks!  Only time will tell if these spray on vitamins are with your hard earned cash, or if it’s  just another gimmick.


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