Do You Take Pride In Your Workouts – The 5 Letter Word That Could Change Your Perspective


Do you have pride?

When you think of pride, what comes to mind?  To be proud?  To put 100% in everything you do?



According to, the definition of pride is:

* a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.

* the state or feeling of being proud.* 

*a becoming or dignified sense of what is due to oneself or one’s position or character; self-respect; self-esteem.

* pleasure or satisfaction taken in something done by or belonging to oneself or believed to reflect credit upon oneself: civic pride.

* something that causes a person or persons to be proud: His art collection was the pride of the family.

* the best of a group, class, society, etc.: This bull is the pride of the herd.

* the most flourishing state or period: in the pride of adulthood.

* splendor, magnificence, or pomp.

pride in your workout



In fitness we define PRIDE as this; Personal Responsibility In Daily Efforts.  Now ask your self, do you have pride?

Fitness Tips:  Take PRIDE in everything you do.  Especially with your fitness and health goals.  Take responsibility every day.  Make the effort to be more fit and healthy.  Be proud!  Have PRIDE!

Ready.  Set.  Get Fit!!!

ISSA CFT, Certified Boot Camp Instructor


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