Dr. Oz’s Top 3 Weight Loss Tips – Barley, Vanilla, and Soup


 Dr. Oz has morphed into the weight loss doctor.  Whether that was his intention or not, we can’t say.   He’s now become a respected TV host while informing the public of various ways they can stay healthy and lose weight.  Recently he was asked by ivillage to state his top 3 weight loss tips.   He dishes fitness tips out like candy on his show, so we were interested to see how he narrowed it down!!

Dr. Oz Weight Loss Tips

Fitness Tip 1 –  Dr. Oz says that barley is a powerful weight loss food because it’s packed full of fiber.   Barley contains six grams of fiber per serving.  Since the average American woman onlhy gets between seven and ten, this can really increase their weight loss!   So  how much fiber  SHOULD a woman get per day????   The recommended about is 25 grams per day!!!

Fitness Tip 2 –  Vanilla!!!   Oz says, “No matter what body type you have, there’s one constant among folks who are gaining weight and don’t want to, which is that they have this continuous craving for food,Vanilla works centrally, it works in your brain… that scent will immediately give you that deep sense of calmness.  This is the deep, emotional center of the brain that’s being calm where our cravings live. And when those cravings are satiated, you don’t go out there and sabotage your diet (source for weight loss tip).”


Fitness Tip 3 –  Want to eat less and feel full faster???    Soup could be the best thing for your waistline!!   Eating soup before a meal will help you to lose weight because they digest more slowly.

Dr. Oz states, “It turns out that people who eat soup will eat on average a lot less food at the meal.”


These simple weight loss tips from Dr. Oz could make a huge difference in your eating habits and weight loss.  Losing weight doesn’t have to be complex. What it really is, are lots of little tips strung together and used consistantly to help you stay healthy, lean and happy :)


“We Love Helping You, One Tip At A Time!”

Adria Ali


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