Drop Weight Fast! – Jillian’s Dandelion Tea


     Everyone struggles with water retention.  Whether you ate to many carbs the day before or you are hitting that time of the month; water weight is NO FUN.  I found this recipe for “Dandelion Lemon Tea.”  Jillian Michaels swears buy it!

     This recipe is not ment to help you lose body fat, rather, it’s a quick fix for big events.  The tea helps to flush out toxins and water; revealing a leaner, more cut look for your big day!


Here is Jillian’s Recipe: 60 ounces distilled water, one tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice, one dandelion root teabag, 2 tablespoons lemon juice – allow tea bag to steep, and then over the course of a day, drink the entire 60 ounces of tea (credit)

Do this for 7 days to cut excess water weight quick!



  Adria Ali


  1. marjan tehrani says

    hi dear
    my name is marjan i realy need you to help me
    i lost 3 stones and i would like to lose 5 to 7 pounds.My problem is my upper body and my tommy is that ok if you could help me?
    Many thanks Marjan

  2. says


    I think I am going to need more information in order to help you. Please use the link under my picture and write me at my email address. Include your current exercise habits, what you did to lose weight, as well as, what your typical day of eating is.


  3. Emily says

    Will the dandelion tea steep in cold water, or do I need to make it with hot water and then add it to the rest of the mixture?

  4. says


    Yes it will steep in the cold water it just takes a tad longer. I have added it to cold water and left it in the fridge and it works just as well.

  5. helena says

    could it work without the dandelion tea bag? i can’t seem to fine them anywhere, i’m 14 btw

  6. says


    I don’t see why you couldn’t use the caps. Just make sure you drink loads of water since dandelion flushes your system of toxins as well.

  7. lisa says

    I just Googled dandelion tea and there are some side effects I’m concerned about..
    What are your thoughts on the side effects?

  8. says


    I have been using the dandelion on and off for several years. However, I use it on a short term basis as a detox and to slim down before big events. I haven’t experienced any of the side effects they have listed.

    Like many products, every one is different and you have to base it off you own body and how you react. It’s definitely worth a shot!

  9. says

    I think those should work just as well. I think the root may just be more potent. So consider adding an extra tea bag or two on top of the other recipe.

  10. says


    You can drink it hot or cold. You can also mix it hot or cold. It’s not like traditional tea where it has to be heated to steep. Either way is fine.


  11. shelby says

    ..I have been using Dandelion Tea and Dandelion Root Tea for about ..7 years or more. its an ‘acquired taste’ .lol. I do often steep it and throw it into my green smoothie ( depending on which flavor I am making) and also in my berry smoothie , every so often. I have not ever had any side affects. I also drink this tea , on its own, with some slices of lemon and a splash of honey.:)

  12. says

    I steep it over night. However, I don’t think there are any particular guidelines on this. I make the tea the day before and let it sit over night.

    Thanks For Reading!


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