Fitness Tips – Ditch the Guilt to Lose Weight


Are You Guilty?


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Do you find yourself feeling guilty after eating a bad meal or not working out? Do you then find yourself trying to make it up on another day by being super strict or killing yourself the next day at the gym? Are you caught in the vicious cycle with no way out? Tired of fighting this losing battle?

Usually you feel guilty because you have violated one of your innate rules or standards. For instance, you usually eat healthy but for some reason these past two weeks have been full of birthday parties, baby showers, and work dinners. Eating healthy has been pretty hard in these situations and now you feel guilty because you haven’t eaten as healthy as you normally do and it has compounded because you have been slacking on the gym as well.

Do you…
Surrender, feel bad for yourself and then eat more and then find yourself 10 pounds heavier?

Do you…

Deny that you are doing anything wrong at all, avoid scales, and people that you know will notice your deviant behavior and obvious weight gain?


do you skip the gym

If you find yourself in one these self-esteem shattering cycles this is what I want you to do the next time you begin to feel guilty.

  1. Identify why you feel guilty? Is it that extra slice of cake? Was it ditching your workout session?
  2. Change your perspective. Am I being too hard on myself? Are my goals realistic? Instead of I normally workout six times a week and always failing. Commit to four times a week and succeeding
  3. Act on the feeling right now and feel great about it. If you feel guilty, the only way to escape that feeling is to do something right this instant. Go do 20 pushups, throw your sneakers on and go walking or jogging for 30 minutes, raid the pantry and throw away all your junk food.

Use these
Fitness Tips next time you sense that feeling of guilt or regret and I promise, you will feel much better.  Do this enough times and you will find yourself  building yourself up instead of breaking yourself down.

Tommy Lam


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