Fitness Tips – Don’t Eat While You’re Distracted


With the increasing amount of time I sit at the computer it’s becoming more and more prevalent that eating while on the computer, watching tv, or even being on the phone is NOT a good idea.  As a kid my grandma always urged us to go sit down when we ate.  Although I am sitting while I eat, the main factor now is not to be distracted!  The idea of sitting around the dinner table to share the stories of the day and enjoy your food have long gone in many households but the underlying factor was to pay attention to your portions, relax, and enjoy.

Fitness Tips - Don't Eat While Distracted

Why You Should Always Focus While Eating

  • This allows your brain to kick in and decrease hunger
  • Distractions take away from the natural function of the brain to turn hunger off
  • Eating while at the computer, driving, or watching tv can create urgency.  If your trying to get your next bite in before replying to your next email, you aren’t paying attention to how full you are.
  • It takes roughly 20 minutes for you to register that you are full.  So taking your time to eat is very important in weight loss, and maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Distracted eating leads to binge eating

 Don’t Let This BE YOU !!

fitness tips for weight loss,

Fitness Tips To Keep You Losing

  • Sit down at every meal.  Discard any distractions including your phone!!!!
  • Use meal time as relaxation, time to calm your nerves, and release the tensions of the day
  • DON’T EAT IN A HURRY –  Time your meals or find a way to pace yourself.
  • Drink water in between every 3-4 bites.  This slows you down and keeps you hydrated while filling you up.
  • Eat frequently (every 3-5 hours).  Big gaps in eating patterns lead to rushed eating and binge eating.
  • Eat your PROTEIN!!!!  I can’t stress this enough.  Protein will keep you full longer and help reduce your blood sugar.
  If you are trying to lose weight, focused eating is a very important factor.  Do what grandma always said and sit down at the table for your meals.  You may not have known the significance as a kid but as an adult, this fitness tip seems to be a huge factor in weight loss!
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