Get On The Ball To Burn – Fun Ball Exercises For Weight Loss



Using ball exercises to workout and get lean is a fun way to mix up you workout, work your core, and get you back into shape.   I love to do these because they seem to be more fun then the other boring machines and plain ‘ol weights.   Below you will find some of my favorite ball exercises.   There are 2 ways that you can do them.


  1. Circuit Fashion –  Do each ball exercise, one set, then continue in to the next exercises.  Once you have finish one set of each exercise you can rest!   Do 3 -4 rounds total.
  2. Standard –                Do 3 – 4 sets of each exercise with a 30 -45 second rest in-between.



ball exercises

Lay on the ball.

Walk your body out onto the ball until the ball is on your shins.

Perform a standard pushup paying close attention to your abdominal region.

Keep your stomach tight to aid in balance and strength.

Repeat exercise 12 – 15 times ( 3 – 4 Sets)

Ball Hamstring Exercise 


ball exercises

Lay on your back with the lower part of your calves on the ball. Stomach should be tucked in.

Lift your  butt and back off the floor, squeeze your stomach.

ball exercises

Bend your knees and roll the ball towards you.  Then return to starting position.

Repeat exercise 12 – 15 times ( 3 – 4 Sets)



Lower Back Ball Exercise 



ball exercises

Lay on the ball.

Place the ball on  your lower stomach.

Bend your toes to brace yourself.  If you can’t balance place your feet against the wall.

Raise your body up so your back lines up with your hips (don’t over extend).

Repeat exercise 12 – 15 times ( 3 – 4 Sets)

Ab Exercise – Ball Exercise


ball exercises

Lay on your back.  Place the ball between your legs with a slight squeeze.

Roll the ball back and then return.

 Breath out when rolling the ball back towards your head.

Repeat exercise 12 – 15 times ( 3 – 4 Sets)

Ball Squat With Front Shoulder Raise 

ball exercises

Place the ball against the wall.  The bottom of the ball should should be at the top of your butt.

Feet forward. When the knees bend they should not go further then your big toe.

As you squat, lift the weight up, making sure you don’t go past the shoulder joint.

Stand and squeeze your butt at the top of the exercise while lowering the weights.

Repeat exercise 12 – 15 times ( 3 – 4 Sets)


Ball Lung With Shoulder Press 



ball exercises

Place your front foot forward and bend it to a 90 degree angle.  Place the opposite foot back against the wall, bending the knee at a 90 degree angle.

Using a light weight preform a shoulder press at the top of the motion and breath out.

Repeat this exercise 12 – 15 times on each side, 3 – 4 sets

Ball Row

ball exercises

Place you hand on the ball palm down.  Brace the ball and place one knee on the ball as well.

* Use the opposite arm of the knee that you place on the ball.   Ex:  If you put your right knee up, use your left arm.

Tilt your body forward putting your body weight on your hand.  Your back should be flat and you stomach should be tight.

    preform the row 12 – 15 times on each side. 3 – 4 sets.

Don’t forget that it takes 3 weeks to REALLY see results from your workout and eating routine.   These ball exercises are an excellent way to gain lean muscle, activate and strengthen your core muscles and speed up your metabolism.    If you love these fitness tips be sure to share them with your friends, family, and co- workers!

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Adria Ali

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