How To Eat Less During The Holidays= No Weight Gain!

Holiday food

Thanksgiving is behind us, but I still feel like I’m on an eating rampage with all the holiday parties and baked goods galore! I literally ate half of a pumpkin pie yesterday, HALF! I know, it happens, and at least it was dairy free and tasted amazing. That’s a tip there, don’t eat anything unless it’s absolutely amazing. Now, don’t eat double the portion size because it’s amazing, but be a food snob it’ll help your waistline; eat only the exceptional.

Before I go into all the fun tips to eat less during the holidays, even though I gratuitously gave you a tip within the first seconds of this post, let’s break down what’s really happening when we eat around the holidays. So let’s talk about something that doesn’t involve eating, exercise!!!!!!

The holidays fall during winter time, fact. Now for example, you know when it’s raining outside, all you want to do is watch movies. Well, that’s a simple example as to why we gain weight, the weather! No one wants to go outside when it’s raining, let alone put on your super thin material, yoga pants. I went to the gym this past Monday and it was amazing, because no one was there. The rain had done it’s job, but don’t let this be you. Be me in this situation, I promise being me won’t suck. Take advantage of this weather, that keeps the weak at home! I always have a better work out when there’s no one in the way of me and a machine.

Winter is on your side!

Fit Fact:

The cold makes our metabolism work at a higher rate because it’s keeping our body warm, add some exercise and voila! You should LOSE weight during the winter.

Now, my 3 S’s to eat less during the Holidays:

SNACK- Before you hit the company party with all that fatty Chex Mix, and mediocre cheesecake, eat something at home. I like a little fiber(beans, greens) and some protein. This will have you not standing next to the food table and yet you’ll still nibble a bit. You don’t want everyone thinking you have an eating disorder, that’s never cool.

SOCIALIZE- Yes, that’s right. You will be using your mouth to talk rather than eat, what an interesting concept. No one likes to eat with their mouth full, so just talk. Also, try to socialize away from the food. Out of sight, out of mind!

SURVEY- Take a look at all the food options before you grab something. Don’t just go for the first thing you see. Go for the good stuff. If you’re going to eat it make it worth your time…and calories. It’s always good to check out the entire buffet before noshing.

Happy Eating,

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