How to un-saddle the saddle bags


exercises to get rid of saddle bags

Curves are sexy but none of us want the extra ba’dunk-a-dunk right below the trunk.  So how do we un-saddle the saddle bags?  I am going to give you the top abductor exercise to help tighten and tone that area and with a little extra cardio, you should be saying good bye to the saddle bags and hello gorgeous, in no time.

abductor machine

Abductor machine:

To begin, sit down on the abductor machine and select a weight you are comfortable with. When your legs are positioned properly, grip the handles on each side. Your entire upper body (from the waist up) should be stationary. This is the starting position.  Slowly press against the machine with your legs to move them away from each other while exhaling.  Feel the contraction for a second and begin to move your legs back to the starting position while breathing in. Fitness Tip: Remember to keep your upper body stationary to prevent any injuries from occurring.  Do 3-4 sets, 12-15 repetitions.

band walking

In and Outs with band:

Take a band and place around ankles.  To begin, take short steps forward as if you are going through a ladder, with your right foot step out to the right (i.e.; outside the invisible ladder) then with your left foot step out (i.e.; outside the invisible ladder).  Then you want to step in (inside the invisible ladder) with right foot in and left foot in…  It helps my boot camp girls when I say out-out, in-in, creates a good flow.  Go in a forward motion for 10 steps and then backwards for 10 steps.  Repeat 3 times.

saddle bags

Side Leg Lifts:

These leg lifts can be performed either lying on the floor or in the standing position. If you have trouble standing on one leg, lying on the floor may be a better option. To perform the side leg lift lying on the floor, lie on your side with one leg on top of the other. Abduct the leg by raising the leg up toward the ceiling. If you have trouble getting up and down from the floor, you may prefer the standing position. To perform the side leg lift from the standing position, hold on to a solid object and abduct the leg by raising it out to the side. If these exercises are not difficult enough with only the resistance of your leg, strap on an ankle weight.  Do 3-4 sets, 12-15 repetitions.

how to get rid of saddle bags

Cable Abduction:

Cable abduction exercises are done with a cable pulley machine and targets the glutes and abductors.  Start by standing with your side against the pulley and attach the cable cuff to the low pulley and the ankle closest to the machine. Move the cuffed leg up and to the side and then slowly lower it back to start. Repeat on both sides. If you prefer to do the exercise at home, wear ankle weights in lieu of the pulley machine.  Do 3-4 sets, 12-15 repetitions.

Trainer Tip:  Keep in mind that you should also be paying attention to your calorie intake.  If you’re eating more then you are burning then you will be storing excess fat.  You must also lose body fat to lose the extra saddle bags.  So eat less, move more, and do these helpful exercises.


Work it!  Get creative, use bands, ankle weights and tighten those abductors to  get rid of those saddle bags.  The only thing stopping you… is you.

Ready.  Set.  Get Fit!

Darese, ISSA CFT, Certified Boot Camp Instructor

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