Hydroxycut Sprinkles – New Competition For Sensa


Hydroxycut has played a major role in the supplement world.   Their marketing strategies have been so flexible that its managed to target multiple age groups that have spanned decades.  Now, they are targeting the Sensa crowd by releasing hydroxycut sprinkles.  Due to the huge success of Sensa it’s no wonder they have released this pill-less product.  The big question is, will it be as good, better, or the next supplement at the dollar store.

Ingredients in Hydroxycut Sprinkles

Since the ban of ephedra back in 2009, hydroxycut has been trying very hard to keep their products safe.  The reformulation of their products was necessary to keep them out of the news and on the shelves.  You’ll be glad to know that Hydroxycut Sprinkles are caffeine free.    Their claim to fame has always been their mixture lady’s mantle, wild olive, cumin, and wild mint to promote weight loss.

Lady’s Mantle Extract. Lady’s mantle is an antiduretic and anti-inflammatory herb popularly used to stimulate healing, making it an effective solution for injuries and ulcers.

Wild Olive Leaf Extract. Olive contains fatty acids which may decrease cholesterol and reduce inflammation. Animal studies suggests it reverses chronic inflammation and oxidative stress that induces cardiovascular disease.

Komijin Extract. More commonly known as cumin or cuminum, komijin is primarily known as a digestive aid. Many take cumin to treat diarrhea, colic, bowel spasms, and gas. It stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach, which in turn improves overall digestion. Animal studies imply cuminum may enhance memory and combat stress.

Wild Mint Extract. Wild mint is a flavorful and aromatic herb commonly used to relieve coughs, colds, stomach cramps, indigestion, and headaches. Wild mint contains several flavonoids which boost immunity and protect cells against damage (source).

While these ingredients alone have no real affect on metabolism and weight loss, Hydroxycut has used them for years in their formulas.  This is due to the fact that mixing these four ingredients has created promising affects.

Even though these ingredients can be found in ALL of the hydroxycut formulas, the amounts vary.  The PRO formula has a higher concentration.  These packages are 155mg which may or may not be enough to induce results.

Should You Try Hydroxycut Sprinkles

Of course, this is entirely up to you.  However, you must weigh the pros and cons.

Overall, there isn’t a lot of data and reviews out on the market about hydroxycut sprinkles.  If you are thinking about trying it instead of Sensa, then there is one HUGE factor.  Hydroxycut Sprinkles uses it’s 4 ingredients to increase metabolism and burn more calories.  Sensa works to decrease hunger.

If you have tried this product, we would love to hear what you think!  Leave a comment so that others can benefit from this informative fitness tip!

Adria Ali




  1. Eric says

    I just started taking it 2 days ago & notice I have lost of energy. I hate how it tastes…i will post results in a few weeks.

  2. Cali says

    I’ve used Sensa with GREAT results. Instead of being tired and hungry all the time, I had more energy and less hungry. I went from 225 lbs down to 165 lbs while using Sensa. The Con is that I gained 25 lbs in 3 months after I stopped using it.

  3. ashley says

    it taste awful! its unbearable to even eat the food you put it on… it says it doesnt alter the taste but it does, its horrid

  4. Marie says

    I tried Hydroxycut for the first time yesterday and having read the reviews about the taste I added extra pepper to my entres and cinnamon to my low-carb ice cream and have NO problem with the taste … most remarkable for me is that I have NOT been hungry between meals .. YEA …

  5. Amy says

    I use it on occasion. Im already eating at a calorie deficit and exercising so this is not my main source to lose weight. But I figured Id give it a try. When I remember I do use it. Never at dinner because it keeps me awake at night. The taste is absolutely horrid. I usually sprinkle it in to one bite and get the water ready to wash it down immediately. Its still quite awful even with that regimen. I cant tell you if it works or not because what I know is working is my eating less and moving more. But definitely when I started the sprinkles I felt a decreased appetite.

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