I Think We Can All Have Christy Turlington’s Body

I’m serious with my post title! I was awe-struck last night on my way home when I saw Christy Turlington’s new Calvin Klein ad on Sunset Boulevard.

Christy Turlington

I. Want. To. Be. Her.

Okay, so I really just want to have her eating regiment and work out schedule so I can do it too, and look like her at 44!

I mean, can you imagine having a better body than you did when you were 20 something?! I’m in my 20’s and my body is a darn shame compared to Christy’s. Okay, positive thoughts Bianca, don’t compare yourself to others! Especially when “others” are supermodels, with amazing genes and lifestyle.

Okay, I’m done with the pep talk with myself, back to Christy Turlington.

I was looking up her pic this am for my post today and I was showing her Calvin Klein ad to my friend and he said:

“We can all look like her, she’s just eating well and exercising.”

My skeptic mind instantly said: “REALLY?! HA!”

So I did some investigative work and I found out what Christy Turlington does. Drum roll please!

She’s a RUNNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tears. Cardio. My nemesis. But you know what? I went for a small jog today, yay me!

This is kind of great news because soooooo many times we find out that celebrities pay top dollar to look good. Like, Jennifer Aniston does this really ritzy yoga class, and remember when we found out that Kelly Ripa does the ultra chic, ultra expensive Physique 57? Well, Christy Turlington may be a supermodel, but she doesn’t pay some fitness guru like Tracey Anderson, sorry Gwenyth Paltrow. Christy keeps it real. She runs, and it’s a FREE work out. No gym required!

I like free. You do too, admit it.

She may have a bit of an advantage to us because she’s been running since she was 5.

She’s said in interviews:

“When I was 5 or 6, my dad would take my two sisters and me to Diablo Valley College outside Oakland, and we’d do 50-and 100-yard dashes. We loved the competition.”

It’s never too late I say. You can always teach an old dog new tricks. I’m doing it with my maltipoo, Marty. If Marty can do it, so can you!

Get Your Run On,

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