Is Your Fridge Making You Fat? – Fridge Remodel



Fit Tip Daily is all about fitness tips and trick to help you get to your goal.  No matter how small or big, the tip, we want to make sure that you are getting the tools you need to be successful on a daily basis.  This fitness tip is all about how you place things in your fridge.   Similar to the super market, grocery stores know how to lure you into making more expensive purchases.  Your fridge can also have the same affect!!  Is your fridge making you fat?

Healthy fridge

In grocery stores things are placed at eye level to lure you into buying things that are more expensive.  Food companies pay top dollar for these spaces because they know that it works!!  This is shockingly similar to your fridge!!   Things left at eye level is what you see first!!


“Studies show that people consume more of the foods that are left at eye – level in the fridge.”


Before you rearrange your whole fridge, don’t forget the cupboards and pantry!!!!


Is Your Fridge Making You Fat – Fridge Remodel.

  • First off, bring all “good” and “healthy” foods to the front of the fridge.
  • Next, move the healthiest options to the shelf that is at eye level for you.   Fitness Tip – If you have little ones, make sure that their shelf has healthy options too!
  • Push “bad foods” to the back and out of sight.   It can be hidden behind the good foods.
  • Do this also for the freezer if possible.   Next rearrange the pantry or the cupboard with all the snack options.


This simple fitness tip can make a huge difference!   If you don’t have bad foods in your fridge then Bravo, if you do, then use this trick to help you make better choices.   Train your family to adhear to this and place things back where they got them.  This way you don’t have to continually rearrange the fridge.  If you love this tip about “is your fridge making you fat,” share it with your friends and family using our share link!



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