Jillian Michaels 7 Rules For Success


Jillian has been known for her hard core training on “The Biggest Loser,” for some time now.  However, she has also single handily cornered the market with her fitness books, diet pills, equipment, and DVDs.  She has become one of the most successful trainers of all time.  While she only stands 5 foot 2 inches tall, her booming voice (while on the show) and her strong presence have made her into a household name.  Whether your goals are in fitness or in life, Jillian lays down her 7 rules for life success in an issue of “Women’s Health.”


Jillian Michales 7 rules for success

“The reason so many people fail at weight loss is because they don’t know what they’re doing.” – Jillian Michaels

  1. Define Your Goal :   ” You have to know exactly what you’re going after before you go after it,” says Jillian.  Being specific is the best way to attain your goal.  It shouldn’t be ” I want to lose weight, it should be I want to be a size 6.”   Write your goal down and post it ALL OVER THE HOUSE.  
  2. Believe in Your Ability :  ” A lot of times people don’t truly believe that they can run five miles or that they are capable of losing weight,” she says.   Get rid of that nagging chip of doubt, regret and guilt.  Instead focus that waisted negative energy and transform it into positive energy towards your goals.
  3. Stay Positive :   In a well known Nike ad a woman says ” I have thunder thighs.”  Jillian uses this as an example saying “The minute you turn around to bash yourself, reverse it and give yourself a compliment.”  This small but beneficial adjustment can “create experiences that allow you to believe in yourself.”
  4. Imagine Your Goal :  “Visualization allows you to get comfortable with the possibility of change,” Jillian says.  “If it’s a house you want: what does it look like? How does it feel to walk through those hallways?”
  5. Get Educated :  “The reason so many people fail at weight loss is because they don’t know what they’re doing.”  Getting educated before you decide allows you to “make powerful choices that effect change.”
  6. Don’t Fear Failure :  “It is an integral part of success,” Jillian says.  “It is part of the process and a way to learn and grow wiser.”
  7. Get Feedback :  Constructive criticism can help you grow.  Seek out information from someone who is educated in the goal that you are trying to achieve (Women’s Health – May 2010)


We could not have said these better our self!!!   Jillian Michaels 7 Rules For Success hit on many aspects that hold people back.  Print this list out (using our print / share link ) post it in your car, at work, and throw a copy in your gym bag.  When you are having a low day or you just need some added inspiration, read the rules a couple times and carry on with your progress.


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