Jump Start Your Weekend With This Full Body Workout Routine

    The stress of the week is slowing down so it’s time to ramp up your workout!  Make the most out of your time with this exercise routine below.  These fitness tips will help you burn calories, lose body fat, and fire up your metabolism over the weekend.



12-15 Step Back Lunges (on each side)


20 squats 


15 Bird Dogs On Each Leg 


15 Walking Lunges (15 down/ 15 Back)


10 Get Up / Get Downs – Starting With Right Leg 

10 – Starting With Left Leg ( don’t stand all the way up – stay in squat

position and make it burn!)

15 Warriors on Each Side (hold and squeeze you butt at the top of the motion)

(source: lovemilerun)



If you haven’t noticed already, these exercises don’t have weights.  Having your hands above your head during these exercises is your resistance.  Trust me, after 1 full round you won’t think you need to add any weights.    Do these exercises back to back with minimal rest in between.  Once you have preformed each exercise once, rest at the end of the round for 1 -2 minutes.  Then repeat the whole cycle  2- 3 more times (4 -5 if you are advanced).


Trainer Tip 

To burn even more calories, throw in a CARDIO BOOST.  Instead of resting at the end of the cycle, do some sort of cardio (jumping rope, jogging, sprinting, jumping jacks etc) for 1-3 minutes, then rest.  Do this for each cycle.

If you want to move it to INSANITY level, add 2 -3 CARDIO BOOSTS through out each round.


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