Lean, Mean Chip ‘n Dale’s Workout Routine – WOD

steve from 90210 chip n dales

   Not everyone is able to watch daytime TV but if you do, then you find things like this on Access Hollywood!   For those of you who don’t know (it’s all over magazines and TV),  “Steve” (Ian Ziering) from the popular 90’s show 90210 is now in Chip ‘n Dales (Vegas).   It’s become a HUGE deal and he’s showing us how to get in shape.   He shed is muffin top (which was blamed on his wife’s multiple pregnancies) for a lusty set of abs.   He attributes his lean body to eating right and exercising but said it wouldn’t be possible without the right diet.  Here’s his Chip ‘n Dale’s Workout – WOD (workout of the Day) complete with what they call the Chip Dip!


Chip ‘n Dale’s Workout – Layout – WOD


Russian Twist  – 10

Kettle Bell Swing – 5

Burpees – 10

Chip Dips – 10


Do this routine 4 -5 times (rounds).   If you can do more then do more OR increase the amount of Reps.

Russian Twists


russian twists with medicine ball







Kettle Bell Swing

kettlebell swings











Chip Dips

chip dip - kettlebell lunge







Don’t be fooled.  This Chip ‘n Dale’s Workout isn’t just for men.   Anyone can use this WOD and get in better shape.  If you are part of a fitness community then shape this workout with your friends and family :)




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