Marisa Miller Gives Us A Supermodel Work Out Tip

Marisa Miller

Don’t jump the gun, it doesn’t have to do with resistance bands. Even though those are great too!

I just like this picture of her because she looks fit and not too skinny. I digress.

Marisa Miller is doing a lot of press for R.I.P.D. and yesterday I caught her on Good Day LA. She looked great, she looked toned, but realistic. I would want to look like her after having a baby 6 months ago. Yeah 6 MONTHS!

After watching her on TV I instantly began to look up her pregnancy and post baby work out regimen.

Well, looks like she was pretty normal-ish. She did everything a supermodel did, ate well, while also splurging, and exercised. BUT not crazy exercise, mostly stretching and some yoga and pilates.

It was the post that mattered, she basically stayed active, doing pilates, hiking and surfing 5 days a week, but here’s the kicker. Marisa has embraced weight training to maintain tone.

I’m inching my way to the 30 very soon and so many women just kill themselves with cardio, but don’t do any weights to tone because they’re afraid to bulk up. After 30 you NEED to do weight training in order to tone because your muscle starts to deteriorate.

Marisa said this about weights:

“Muscle starts to disappear as you age, I’ve discovered, I like my butt I want to stay where it is.”

Boom. Don’t stop your spin class, just add some squats to your workout. You’ll thank Marisa and I.

Supermodel Kisses,

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