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Pinterest has been a blessing to the site.  It has allowed us to reach people that had never heard of Fit Tip Daily.   Our goal is to inspire people to get in shape, to move, and to improve their lives for the better.  We are passionate about what we believe to be our mission in life and we’re glad you’re here to share in the fun!

With that being said, here’s our “Get Pumped for the Weekend”  Pins!    These are out most popular pins!


motivational exercise quote

Motivational Exercise Quote (63 re pins on our pinterest board)


motivational exercise pins

JIllian Michaels Dandelion Tea Recipe (92 repins, 36 likes)  

fitness tips

Motivational Fitness Quote ( 139 repins, 27 likes) 



fitness tips

 The Miracle Cure For Saddle Bags, Bat Wings and Crows Feet (65 re pins, 20 likes ) 



Banish Belly Fat With These Trainer Tips (157 re pins, 57 likes)  


Define Your Hamstrings (148 re pins, 24 likes) 



 Step Mill interval workout

Step Mill Interval Workout (75 re pins, 19 likes) 


workout routines

Fat Burning Workout Routine (Re Pins 68, 9 Likes)



motivational fitness quotes

Motivational Fitness Quotes (Re pins 70, Likes 20) 


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