Natural Botox – Ditch The Needle and the Side Effects


I feel so blessed to work in the two industries I love, beauty and fitness.  I am always looking for healthy alternatives whether it is food, beauty, supplements, hair care products you name it.  I am 41 years old and proud of it.  I have not had a single syringe of Botox in my face.  Do I have lines and wrinkles sure, but I am fighting back with a topical natural botox alternative by Natura Bisse, called Inhibit Tensolift.  This product inhibits and relaxes facial contractions, preventing the formation of new expression lines and fills present expression lines and diminishes wrinkles.

topical botox


40% Octapeptide that inhibits facial contractions, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

Kombuchka: has a filling effect and naturally increases the volume of the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid: provides extraordinary hydration from the deepest to the most superficial layers of the skin.

Amaranth Oil and Mango and Shea Butters: skin identical lipids that plump the cells and improve the structure and performance of the skin’s barrier as well as providing deep hydration.

Polymers extracted from Rye: naturally firm the skin.

Revolutionary blend of micro-peptides present in the healing process of the skin and regenerating Amino Acids: provide flexibility and firmness to the skin, restoring its three-dimensional supple structure.

Sesame Extract: provides a tightening effect while hydrating and re-sculpting the skin throughout the day.

On clean skin, gently massage INHIBIT-TENSOLIFT on face, neck and décolleté in the morning and in the evening using micro-circular maneuvers until completely absorbed. Finish by applying the skin-appropriate hydrating cream.  I personally only apply on my expression lines.

This little gem is a little pricey at $715.00 for a 2 oz. bottle, but not really when you think about the cost of Botox itself and the maintenance.  I have been using this product for about 7 years.  It has helped make my expression lines less noticeable, and smoother.  Now, with that being said are my expression lines completely gone like other people with the poke of a needle?  No.  But I also, don’t have ANY unhealthy side effects either.  I am very happy with this alternative to Botox and will continue to use my Inhibit Tensolift from Natura Bisse.

My Skin.  My Secret.  Natura Bisse

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