Neon Is Making A Comeback – Protein Shaker Cup


Protein Shaker Cup

Most styles, fashions and trends go full circle and it appears that neon is back!  While creating the new Fit Tip Store, I thought I would test the market.  I posted various protein shaker cups on pinterest and watched the response.  To my surprise the biggest hit out of all of them was the neon 3 in 1 protein shaker.  It out preformed the other 2 that I posted by 70%.  Go figure!


neon protein shaker cup

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“Brighter than before. Introducing the new neon series. With the new neon series, SmartShake combines function with fashion to create the perfect shaker and accessory. With two or more cups you can mix andmatch the interchangeable parts to createyour own customized shaker cup. Matchyour outfit, mood or personality with SmartShake’s new neon series. After all, if you’re going to work hard, you might as well look good too.”

What Makes This Protein Shaker Cup So Special???

* Has 3 chambers.  One to hold fluid for later, one for protein powder (to be mixed on the spot), and lastly, a chamber for your supplements.

* Neon color and design give it a trendy look.  Not to mention, you won’t be losing it any time soon!

*Simply a MUST-HAVE item for any serious bodybuilder!

*This design was developed together with defending 4 time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler.

*The strainer is used to mix the powder with liquid have been optimized and given a revolutionary new conical design.
SmartShake™ is made of toxic free plastic and is free from BPA and DEHP.
*SmartShake™ is produced in a durable plastic that can withstand freezer, dishwasher, microwave and hot drinks.
*The design is developed to be smooth and compact. With both serving containers is SmartShake™ still no bigger than a standard shaker.
*SmartShake™ holds 20 oz or 600 ml in the serving container.
*Invented and designed in Sweden.

This protein shaker cup retails for 19.99 but you can get it with FREE SHIPPING from the Fit Tip Store for only $16.75!

Never have another clumpy shake again!

If you love this item, feel free to pass it along on pinterest, twitter, and facebook!  We appreciate your support!

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