Put Down The Artificial Sugar, It’s Making You Fat

Artificial Sweetener

Yeah, even that stevia. It’s technically a type of artificial sugar. Listen, I love sugar, but sadly any sugar: natural fruit sugar, plant sugar(Stevia), cane sugar and especially artificial sugar is a no, no.

So basically, if it’s trying to be sugar, PUT IT DOWN.

Yes, I know. Artificial sugar is NOT sugar so in turn you should be able to consume any amount of it that you want? No, and here’s a few reasons why.

Fitness Tip #1:   If it tastes sweet, your body thinks it’s real sugar and releases insulin, and in turn too much of this release will make your insulin levels work harder and will result in weight gain.

Don’t kill the messenger, but unfortunately no matter how “low cal” your diet is, your body is elevating your insulin and leptin levels. Elevated insulin and leptin levels lead to the O word…Obesity.

Haven’t you noticed that people who LOVE diet coke are always a little zoftig? They always have those few pounds that never go away, and unfortunately they never will.

Fitness Tip #2 Artificial Sweeteners make you crave sugar!

True story, the more artificial sugar you consume the more real sugar you crave. What’s happening is that your body is never satisfied by the fake sugar. It’s expecting to break down calories, and the calories never come from the artificial sweetener so your body starts to long for those calories, bad. It’s like that really hot guy that you know is probably a douche bag and you flirt and talk to him way too much and then one day you give in (you’re probably a little tipsy, yes I said tipsy, people that aren’t lushes use that word!) and he tries to get a little too frisky a little too fast and, you’re now at a quandary. You want him to not be a douche, you’re hoping that he’ll delivery some real human substance and he never does, but you’re hopeful so you call him more, obsess over his text messages and in turn put too much time and energy into something that is never there and you’re left longing and empty…and 6 months have passed by and you’ve just realized, you’re too cute for that S#@*.

Um. That was awkward. Somewhere there is a metaphor for artificial sweeteners. Just don’t consume it if you can, but for definitely don’t consume a lot. Okay?

Even Timothy Ferriss likes diet coke, but he allows himself to have 1 a day not 3.

Sweet Kisses,

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