Rachael Ray Sheds The Weight


The E-V-O-O queen, Rachel Ray, has shed the weight and is looking to lose a total of 30 pounds.  Inquiring minds want to know what she’s doing to lean up and trim down.  It’s not the cabbage soup diet or that gross lemon juice fast.  Instead, it seems like a lot of fitness tips rolled into one, mixed with a dash of common sense.




  • Try to learn from your past mistakes by changing things that obviously didn’t work for you before.
  • If you’re not hungry, don’t eat
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Decide what “the perfect body” means to you
  • Think in a healthier frame of mind – don’t eat too much fast food, drink water and not soda, get plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Don’t just sit around, get in some moderate exercise as often as possible (source).
    This laid back approach to dieting could work for some, while others might fail.  Many people love rules!  Usually that stems from childhood.  If your parents or guardians had a specific set of rules for you to follow, it tends to carry over into adulthood.  If your parents were more easy going and not too specific with their guidelines then you are able to doing lax dieting.  While the “all or nothing” approach to dieting can be very successful  it’s usually followed by yo yo dieting.
    Commit to yourself daily.  Write your food down, remind yourself of your goals, take “me time” to exercise, and avoid the junk that weighs your down.
Adria Ali


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