Ray Lewis Deer Antler Allegations – Fit Tip Daily Defends This Natural Supplement

 Ray Lewis deer antler

Deer Antler… What is the buzz about???

Well, it was no surprise when I heard on ESPN that Ray Lewis a professional football player for Baltimore Ravens has allegedly been inhaling deer antler for a tricep injury, which he denies.  The fact is… this has been a supplement athletes have used for many years and well know in the bodybuilding community. Now, do I believe this is a sports enhancing drug? No, definitely not; especially not to the point that someone should be penalized for taking this supplement.  From my research and in my opinion, I believe it helps enhance strength and endurance just like possibly taking creatine or another pre-workout supplement might. People should not shun things that they do not have all the facts about. In Deer Antler is an ingredient, IGF-1, a listed substance apparently on the NFL’s banned list as a performance-enhancer.


how does IGF-1 work

What Is IGF- 1

However with that being said, what is IGF-1?  Formal name: Insulin-like Growth Factor – 1.  In short, IGF-1 is a hormone similar in molecular structure to insulin. It plays an important role in childhood growth and continues to have anabolic effects in adults. IGF-1 consists of 70 amino acids in a single chain with three intramolecular disulfide bridges. We all produce IGF-1 within us and are produced throughout life. The highest rates of IGF-1 production occur during the pubertal growth spurt. The lowest levels occur in infancy and old age. We loose IGF-1 as we age, so why not supplement? This is a subject (supplement) close to my heart. Yes Deer Antler sounds like a scary supplement… But don’t knock it until you try it!  There are a combination of ingredients besides the 1GF-1 that help make this an outstanding product but since the NFL has focused on this one particular ingredient let’s look a little deeper…
IGF-1 in spray form is a highly purified liquid deer antler velvet extract. Experience the advantage of advanced extraction process in which the cervine growth factor matrix has been released from the binding proteins. This revolutionary new breakthrough allows for the greatest uptake of the active growth hormones. The IGF-1 and other growth factors in this liquid extract have an anabolic effect on the body. This means IGF-1 deer velvet spray encourage a leaner body mass, and at the same time persuades the body to release fatty acids from fat tissue. This in turn often improves your immune system. With study’s showing an increase in strength and endurance making it the perfect supplement for body building, strength training, endurance training and recovering from an injuries.

I personally have been taking “Deer Antler Extract Extreme” in capsule form for a shoulder injury for the past 2 years. I have been pain free for over a year and a half. I’m not paid to endorse this product.  I get no kick backs or any perks.  The only thing I get is to be pain free and that is enough.  The brand I use and stand by is Southern Cross Velvet, based out of Colorado.  Their deer antler is imported from New Zealand.  I do use the product daily, and feel a thousand times better.  There are different formulations of deer antler you can get, i.e; powder, extract, spray, etc.  Pricing is different as well.

Deer Antler is a natural source of nutrients essential for maintaining your body at optimum health.


Some additional benefits of deer antler include:

Increased energy levels
Promotes healthy bones and joints
Promotes lean muscle mass
Increased Athletic Performance
Helps to boost immune system
More youthful skin and hair

*please note these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Deer Antler is not intended to cure, or diagnose a disease, or to be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice.

I love Deer Antler Extract and will brag about it to whoever will listen. I support and stand behind deer antler as a supplement.

Read my testimonial at www.southerncrossvelvet.com


Darese Snider



  1. judy says

    Can I get Deer Antler in the fit tip daily store? Where can I buy some. Now that I read this I have to try it.

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