Spice Up Your Work Outs Like The Spice Girls

Spice Girls
The Spice Girls are still hot after all these years. Grant it sometimes they have more help than us regular folk to stay fit, like being married to the hottest man in the world David Beckham, may make you skip meals rather than work outs. So we all know that Victoria Beckham may or may not eat, but all rumors aside she’s definitely eating, she wouldn’t be able to get pregnant if she wasn’t. After giving birth to they’re 4th child, Harper Seven, Victoria was known to be doing the “Five Hand Diet”.

It consists of :

*Eating five high protein meals.
*Eating green vegetables.
*Snacks only include goji berries and nuts.

For Work outs she did some post-natal pilates.

Mel B and Baby Spice like running. Emma Bunton, Baby Spice, is known to run on the treadmill as part as her work out regimen. While Mel B on the other hand does cardio like running, but her work outs are centered around her favorite body part, her abs which she usually does 600. She said:

I’ve always been obsessed with doing abs. I change positions every 10 reps. I like how quickly–if you stick to it–you can see results.”

Geri Halliwell
has been in the news for other reasons recently, that don’t include work outs or her body but more about a fellow named Russell Brand.

This Spice girl has had a history of eaing disorders, but a complete of years ago she had a trainer come in and kick her butt.

Geri Halliwell trainer
Remember him? He was like the incredible hulk!

Geri opened up and let us in on her work out secrets and she gives credit to running and kettlebell weights.

Here’s my favorite kettlebell work out:

Stand in a sumo position, toes facing forward.

Grab the kettlebell with both hands.

Extend the kettlebell back between your legs, bending while doing the action.

When you swing the kettlebell between your legs, bring it parallel to the ground and squeeze your butt cheeeks together. Don’t let the kettlebell go above your shoulders when swinging it forward.

You’ll have a Spice Girl body in no time.



Happy Kettlebell Swinging,

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