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Beyonces workout routine

We did a previous article on Beyonce and her workout routine called “Stars and Their Favorite Workout Routines“.  However, since getting married and having a baby, we haven’t updated her routine.   Her performance and physique at the Super Bowl was both flawless and one of the best shows EVER!   Women wanted to be like her and men wanted to be next to her.   The star turns 31 today !   In honor of her birthday we will be posting the routine that’s keeping her young, lean and thin.




Beyonce’s Workout Routine – How’s She Getting Back In Shape?


Daily doubles of course!!!   That means Beyonce is waking up at 5 am (before the baby), working out for 2 hours with the help of her live in trainer, then working out AGAIN at 5 pm.

To keep the workout fresh and new they do a mix of routines that range from cardio, dance, pilates, yoga and plyometrics.


Beyonce workout


What is Beyonce Eating to Lose Weight?  


Along with the Beyonce’s workout routine, she’s eating 6 small high protein meals.  Some examples of her meals are protein shakes, and egg white omlettes.

“Beyonce has said that the secret to her diet is sticking to eating lots of green vegetables and avoiding red meat, bread and alcohol. Chocolate is one of her favourite cheat foods which she balances out with lots of running! (source)”


Pre Baby Beyonce’s workout routine consisted of 30 minutes of cardio followed by 45 minutes of weight training.  Here’s a previous article clip about her routine to give you a better idea

Beyonce’s dumbbell workout would include something such as this list of exercises:

3 sets 14 rep bicep curls
3 sets 14 rep tricep kick backs
3 sets 10 rep dumbbell chest presses
3 sets 10 rep dumbbell single-leg lunges
3 sets 14 rep Bosu ball squats with 5lb dumbbells
3 sets 10 rep dumbbell front raises

To make it challenging each of these exercises could be done one after another with minimal rest.

She also adds in Yoga on occasion to allow her to relax her mind and body and have a sense of accomplishment with her exercise sessions (Source for Beyonce’s Workout).

This is just a sneak peak into Beyonce’s workout and eating routine.  Pool this information together and use it for yourself!!!   The article listed in the begging will also give you a break down of what you can do to get ready for big events!!  Beyonce knows what she’s doing!!!    Don’t forget to pick up all the fitness products you need in the Fit Tip Store!!

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