Stevia In The Raw – Review

Stevia In the Raw

      Stevia has become the new face of sweeteners.  However, this powdered leaf is being mixed with all kinds of additives to cut it’s naturally bitter taste. 

     Originally, I gave a thumbs up to the new brand “Truvia.”  It has an excellent taste and seems to be a more natural alternative.  When you examine the ingredients much closer you see that they have actually added sugar alcohol.  For those who are sensitive to sugar alcohols this could lead to stomach upset, swelling, and other disastrous side affect. 

     The next product out is called “Stevia In The Raw.”  Instead of using sugar alcohols, this company has blended it with dextrose.  Dextrose is a form of glucose.  The body relies on glucose for energy.  


     This product actually tastes great!  It isn’t too sweet and it seems to dissolve well in fluids.  It doesn’t seem to make me swell at all like the other brands.  It is reasonably prices (even cheaper then splenda). 

    Overall, this could be a good product for people who are sensitive to sugar.  However, I haven’t been able to distinguish if it makes me have cravings yet.  The more natural route is actually “Stevia Plus.”  This product has no additives with the exception of fiber.  If you are sensitive to sugars or sugar alcohol then this would be the safest choice. 

Adria Ali


  1. Vern says

    Both my wife and I have had unexplained gas. This article has explained the reason why. We are both intolerable to sugar alcohol.
    This morning, I noticed the ingredient having dextrose added and began a web search.
    Thanks for posting this information

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