The Newest Weight Loss Craze – Artichoke Pills

People have been asking me to research this new “natural” weight loss pill for several weeks now.  During that time period I watched and heard of their great success with this product.  It’s all natural because it comes from artichokes.  It is also fortified with B vitamins.  I searched high and low to look for any side effects both online and with clients and friends.

The artichoke pills help to speed up bile production which can aid in constipation and water retention.  It has also been proven to help with bloating, gas, as well as nausea.  Here is some more info from webmd.

Artichoke is used to stimulate the flow of bile from the liver, and this is thought to help reduce the symptoms of heartburn and alcohol “hangover.” Artichoke is also used for high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), kidney problems, anemia, fluid retention (edema), arthritis, bladder infections, and liver problems (source).

As a side note, clients have told me that when they sweat, they can smell the artichoke coming out in their pores.  While researching I also found that 26% of people taking this supplement report acid reflux symptoms and heartburn.  Most reviews on this product say that it’s strong, natural appetite suppressant formula is what helps them to lose weight.

This product seems to have little side effects.  Make sure that you drink plenty of water with this pill to stay hydrated.  My main concern with this product is that people may not eat enough calories.  This will actually put your body into a fat storing mode and cause your body to burn your valuable muscle mass while in this deprived state.  If you are considering taking this pill you should

  1. drink enough fluids
  2. eat enough calories
  3. eat a low fat diet
  4. keep your protein intake high enough to retain muscle
  5. don’t become dependent on these pills
  6. Don’t gorge on high fat foods (even though you may be eating less)

Make sure you don’t become completely dependent on these pills.  They may help you lose weight but there may also be side affects that could be more long term.  Hopefully, this isn’t the next phen phen.

If you’re looking for natural ways to decrease your cholesterol with the aid of artichoke pills?   Just visit this awesome site!

Adria Ali


  1. Sid Laskas says

    What it really is,is the Newest Weight Loss Scam.
    I ordered 2 bottles of Alcachofa ampules GN+Vida from Amazon.I took one-No loss of Appetite.I started to take 2 this time.Still no effect of any kind.Just a queesy feeling in my stomach, knowing that I was Scammed again.I even took 3 at a time but they are worthless & do not work at all in controlling your appetite as they claim.
    I know that even if I had taken the whole bottle at one time,it wouldn’t have had the desired effect.I don’t even think that the stuff I ordered even had any artichoke in it.
    The great reviews you have read about the product are all lies.They were probably paid off by these Alcachofa sites or are affiliates.
    This is all about money & not about losing weight.Have you met anyone personally that actually has used this so called appetite-killer ??

  2. says


    Actually, I do know people who took these pills and had some great success. However, I will warn you that I think the brands are really important. Also, you must drink tons of water!! These act also as a diarrhetic to flush toxins. If you don’t drink enough water you will definitely be hungry and you could be confusing the hunger for thirst.

    Of course, these pills are not a long term solution. If you are going to take them, I recommend cycling them. Do one bottle, then take a month off then another later. Focus on changing eating habits so that when you are on your month off you can concentrate on staying consistent!

  3. Terri says

    I started taking the pills 3 weeks ago, and the hype is true, but you must get standardized artichoke. I first heard about the pills because my mother has acid reflux and has had to take prevacid daily for over a year. I found a book on Amazon written by a doctor saying that acid reflux is actually sometimes the case of not enough acid in the stomach and that proton pump inhibitors make the problem worse and that artichoke extract would stimulate the bile production and allow the stomach to be more efficient at digestion. His one caveat, though, was that the extract MUST be standardized so that you were getting the same amount each time. His recommendation was 13-18% caffeolyquinic acids. I have not been able to find that percentage locally, but did find 6% standardized at our local health food store. I am obese, and have also been experiencing problems with reflux, so I thought I would take it as well. The first week I lost 3 pounds, but dropped an inch in my stomach. The second week I again lost 3 pounds, and measurements stayed the same. This week is not complete, but I have lost another pound, and another 1/2 inch. It really does matter in supplements that you buy quality.

  4. Cat says

    I have a 12 year old daughter that is 30 lbs overweight. She is 5’5″ tall and big for her age with a size 9 shoe. She is having major issues with her weight, so I am trying to find a natural method of assisting her to lose weight. My friends are using the artichoke pills with great success and have ordered some for me.
    I have already taken my daughter to the doctor for a complete physical and she is in good health. I am intending to start the pills myself and if they work for me, I am wondering if I can also give them to her?
    Please let me know if this product would be recommended for someone her age.
    Thanks very much,

  5. says


    Here’s an UPDATE on these pills since I wrote this article. I did LOVE the pills BUT within, 2 months I began to notice a reoccurring them with my clients and myself. It seemed as though everyone was getting UTIs. My theory is that the artichoke pills push out a lot of toxins, and they may throw off the natural “good bacteria” in the colon. This led to high amounts of yeast which cased the UTIs.

    People did lose more, but I would only recommend these for short time spans. Maybe for an upcoming event. You also MUST drink TONS of water to flush toxins. Otherwise an infection seems to be inevitable.

    I hope this helps! I will do a follow up article on these pills soon.


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