The Oldest Hamburger – 14 Years Old and Still Hasn’t Rotted

 The oldest hamburger

We all know that fast food isn’t good, but how bad is it!??  In this clip from “The Doctors,” they revealed how this 14 year old burger looks as though it’s not more then a day old.  I don’t know about you but after watching this clip, I had a whole new take on fast food.   Take a look at the oldest hamburger and tell us what you think!!


The guy who bought the hamburger, David, used this hamburger to show people how burgers didn’t break down.   It then was left in his closet for a month on accident.   To his suprise it looked pretty much the same a year later!!    From that point on, David kept the burger and 14 years later it’s now made it’s daybew on day time Tv.   Watch and be shocked!






The major take way from this video are the points that the doctors made.   “If the mold won’t eat it, and the fungus won’t eat it, then maybe we shouldn’t be eating it.”   Darn right!!   The burger has so many preservatives that it won’t break down and rot and isn’t wanted by bacteria, mold and fungus.




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