To Eat Gluten Or To Not Eat Gluten, That Is The Question

Gluten Free
I’ve been thinking a lot about Gluten lately, so much so that I have been more conscious about my gluten free options when dining out. I recently had one really great gluten free experience and one not so great.

Here’s the issue with Gluten Free…sometimes it just tastes like cardboard! Surprise. I had a gluten free wrap from Cafe Gratitude. Now let me preface this by saying they take Gluten Free to the next level, they make or at least try to make the purest, vegan Gluten Free option and it just tastes like bird food. Yes, I felt healthy eating the seedy Gluten Free wrap, but I also felt like my taste buds shouldn’t pay the price.

Then I went to Hugo’s and tried their chicken club on their Gluten Free bread and it was magical. It actually tasted more rich than most breads I’ve had. So my point is that Gluten Free can be hit or miss but most Americans don’t know some basic Gluten Free Diet Facts that may make you say no to Gluten forever.

Fact #1. Gluten comes from Wheat, so you can’t have anything with wheat, this includes soy sauce, but when soy sauce has 960mg per tablespoon (40% of your daily allowance) it may be a good thing to not eat Wheat/Gluten.

Fact#2. Many people have a Gluten intolerance and don’t even know it. Gluten intolerance is one of the top 8 allergens in the United Sates.

Fact#3. Humans don’t fully digest wheat, and the undigested wheat forms various gases.

So if you can do a Gluten Free option, why not? A lot of people say that Gluten Free foods have more carbs. They can at times because they substitute wheat with rice flour and white rice flour can have quite a bit more of cars, but Gluten Free bakers make bread that also have zero carbs. Find me a piece of regular bread like that!

I find that Gluten Free most of the time doesn’t taste that much different, actually sometimes better. Like this Gluten Free Cornbread from Bob’s Red Mill that I made today.

Gluten Free Foods

Don’t give me too much credit for baking. It’s pretty much made for you, but I doctor the recipe a bit by using Almond milk instead of real milk and Bragg’s unfiltered olive oil instead of canola oil. It doesn’t taste that different from regular cornbread and quite honestly I feel like the olive oil makes the cornbread more fluffy. Bake it, you’ll start your Gluten Free journey.

Happy Baking,

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