TRX Suspension Training System 40,000 Recalled

TRX Recall

   In a previous article we spoke about how AWESOME the TRX straps are for exercising.  Well, the TRX straps have been recalled.  If you own a TRX suspension training system (professional (P1) or Tactical (T1), then there is a voluntary recall by the U.S. Consumer Product Commissions.  The buckle that adjusts the length of the band is faultly and can snap under pressure.

 There have been 570 reported cases of injury, 82 cases of exercisers falling, and 13 cases of shoulder, face, hip, and head injuries.  EEK!!  This can’t be good!  


  • The recall involves TRX “Professional” (P1) and “Tactical” (T1) which were manufactured between January 2006 and July 2007
  • The parts that are being recalled are the yellow or khaki nylon anchor straps that have a carabiner at the top and a black nylon loop on the bottom. These straps also have TRX logo and the word “Professional” or “Tactical” on them. You should closely read the CPSC Press Release to find out all the details of the parts being recalled.
  • If you do have one of these models, stop using it and contact Fitness Anywhere for a replacement: Fitness Anywhere, (888)-221-7417, email them at:, or visit their website at:


I’ll have to admit that I love the TRX suspension training system  and the versatility that it adds to workouts both inside and outside the gym.  If you have one, of these makes and models return it with the info above and get a new one so you can keep burning up those calories !




  1. Jerry Weydert says

    TRX needed to go one step further on their recall. The TRX straps that do not have a locking loop to stop the straps from sliding needs to also have a recall. They added the locking loop as an upgrade but in reality it is a safety upgrade. My TRX does not have the locking loop and I did not think anything about the straps slipping until I went to a TRX instructor certification where they had a couple of the upgraded TRX straps with locking loops. The instructors warned us against using the ones without the locking loops especially for the exercises where we would use the foot cradles. Has there been any discussion about the TRX straps without the locking loop causing injury?

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