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Timothy Ferriss

As you all may have noticed lately, I’ve been obsessed with my new diet The 4-Hour Body, so naturally I’m now obsessed with Timothy Ferriss’ new book, The 4-Hour Chef. Okay, I know I need to “calms it down” as my fashionably illiterate friend would say, but what can I say other than: I’ve drank the kool-aid and I’m a believer.

Seriously though, I find that A) I never have time to cook and B) I never have time to work out. Well my friends, I have found a few recipes in The 4-Hour Chef that allows me to do both…at the same time…and the food doesn’t burn or taste bad! Score and score!

Working out is already a feat in my current day to day with auditions(Yes, I’m an actress, don’t act surprised) and with it being so darn cold outside. So naturally cooking is also a feat considering I have to get to the store, buy the groceries, take them home, and then slave in the kitchen hoping that it’ll be edible. Well, Tim has simplified recipes, making cooking attentiveness slim, and the leftovers abundant. Did I also mention all of the recipes I’ve done so far have been DELICIOUS!? I’ve only made 2 things in the whole cookbook, but it’s because I’m obsessed with Cauliflower Mash and Ossc Buco. So, let me give you the gift of Osso Buco that Timothy Ferriss gave me.

Osso Buco is normally a hard recipe, but it’s literally the easiest entree I’ve ever made.

Here’s what you need:

The 4 Hour Chef



Click on the link below to see this Ossc Buco recipe in Action …. Love love love, the vine on twitter!!!


Got it? Good.

Here’s how you make Ossc Buco from the 4 Hour Chef :

The 4 Hour Chef recipe

Osso Buco

So basically, it takes you all of 10 minutes to put everything in the pot and then you have 2 HOURS to go work out, walk the dogs, stretch, and walk the dogs again. You literally don’t even need to touch the oven while it’s in there and if by chance you go a little over on your work out at the gym, it’s fine! The lamb can cook for an extra 30 minutes and still be more than delicious and not burnt.

Baaaaa(in lamb voice),

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