Would You Buy It? Disney Food Products.


      Disney has monopolized the children’s market for years… now they are trying something new.  They are taking over the grocery store as well!   Vitamin G gives us the scoop on Donald Duck Eggs. 

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Next time you’re cruising through the grocery store, you might run across an odd new food product: Disney eggs. Nope, there aren’t any chicken coops at Disneyland (that I know of), but Disney has gotten in on the grocery biz in hopes that you want a little Minnie Mouse with your hard-boiled egg. Oh dear.

I love Disneyland as much as any child of the 80s, but am I the only one who finds Mickey Mouse eggs a little, well, disturbing? What next, bananas branded with Dumbo’s head? Then again, maybe this will be a good thing for kids and parents (
Chrissy, do you think JD would go for these?) You can watch the Disney egg commercial here.

   I think Disney is on to something.  Next, they will be making electric cars in the shape of tea cups.  
Adria Ali




  1. stephanie says

    what are they thinking …. but if the kid wanted it, i bet the parent would have to buy it …. or there would tantrum! I just think its the only way they can market stuff and be able to sell it aswell.

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