Yoga Tips For A Flatter Stomach

Yoga Tips

I’m kind of a yogi. Truth. I LOVE vinyasa yoga! It has changed my life AND body and you need to do it if you’re not. With summer around the corner, I thought you could all use a little belly motivation.

But first let’s do a quick break down on why vinyasa is better than most yoga’s.

yoga for a flatter stomach


It’s a TWERK OUT. Twerk!!!

Vinyasa is known as a flow yoga, more specifically it links body movement with breath. So not only are you breathing properly, but you are moving, A LOT!

I specifically love vinyasa because of all the “twists” that are incorporated. There is magic in the twists, it will get your stomach flatter, so listen up people!

Did you know, performing yoga twists massages inner muscles and organs, essentially wringing out toxins while bringing in a rush of fresh oxygen and nutrients? This flushes impurities from inner tissues and helps organs perform their functions properly. Among other benefits, this is an effective method for improving sluggish digestion. Which leads me to my first Fit Fact.

Fit Fact#1: Twists help digest and absorb food.

Try this fun Fit Tip Twists!

Yoga Tip

Easy right?!

Now, remember when you were young and you would do back bends and hang out upside down? That’s called Bridge in yoga.

Fit Fact #2: Bridge aka a back bend, brings your organs into alignment so that they can operate most efficiently. Bridge pose also stimulates the thyroid, an important gland for digestion and food metabolism.

Now, please be careful when trying these at home, you’re not 7 years old anymore so a back bend in your living room is probably not the best idea. Sooooooo, go to a yoga class asap!



  1. Cherine says

    Yoga has been such a wonderful addition to my daily routine. I added it three weeks to help with my sciatic nerve. On the days that I skip it I feel it later in the day. Yoga is going to stay in my daily routine!

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