Your Smart Phone Just Got Healthy – Samsung Galaxy S 4 – S Health App


s-health app


Samsung has made some huge leaps forward with it’s new Galaxy S 4.   This phone could change the face of fitness tracking all together.   2013 has brought us hundreds of apps to help us stay in shape, endless exercise apps, and tons of calorie counting tools.   However, you might need 4- 5 apps to stay in shape!   This new phone intertwines multiple health features to make staying in shape and getting in shape easier.   You could get a whole new perspective on your health with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the S Health App.


S Health App

    What Make This Galaxy S 4 and the S Health App So Great??


  • Built in pedometer and app called S Health
  • The Galaxy S 4 has built in sensors for humidity and temperature which is then sent to your S Health app.  “The combination of sensors built within the device systematically and automatically monitors your health, surroundings and so much more to help improve your quality of life,” says Samsung.
  • The S Health app will also work with blood pressure monitors and glucose meters.

S Band

  • Samsung also mentioned that they would be rolling out a S Bracelet to help you track your activity much like the Nike Fuel Band and Jawbone Bracelets.  This will help you track when you don’t want to carry your phone but you still want to be active.

S health body scale

  • There’s also a body scale and heart rate monitor which will send data to the phone.


With all of these devices linking up to your phone how could you go wrong?!!!    As a personal trainer I love it!!    It would be a dream come true if samsung also included a way for others to link into the S Health App  to access your information.  This way fitness professionals could use the phones capabilities to increase the results of the client and help them stay on track!  Who’s with me???   If you have this phone and this app please share your experience using it.   We always love to hear feed back!




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