Fitness Parties Are the New Kiki – Crunch’s New Trend

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Forget the crowded bars, the high tabs at restaurants, and the expensive outfits;  you should throw a fitness party!   Crunch gym is now offering fitness as a way to celebrate your event.  Not Sure what a Kiki is?  Here’s the definition via the urban dictionary ..


Kiki 1106 up553 down
Kiki is also a verb, like to party or to get overly excited catching up with your girlfriends.
I was happy for him that his best friend was finally back from Sao Paulo, but listening to those queens kiki all night can really give a girl a headache (source for kiki).

“We’ve created bachelorette parties, birthday parties, college reunions and divorce parties,” said Donna Cyrus, senior vice president of programming at Crunch, a national chain.

Having a fitness class instead of drinks is a growing trend for women in work-related situations, Banwart said. And at business conferences, historically driven by parties, dinners and cocktail hours, more time and money is being spent on healthy events.

“They’re not only offering a class or two. Organizers are taking the time to create a whole mind/body commitment,” she said. “You’re seeing a strong trend for conferences to include stress management and people are identifying yoga and movement with stress management.”

Community is the key for Jason Capili, who recently celebrated his 36th birthday at a Soul Cycle indoor cycling studio in New York City.

“I had people block out a bunch of bikes,” said Capili, who works in human resources risk management. “We brought in cupcakes and sparkling wine and at the end, during the stretches, I made a wish (source for fitness parties).”


Chelsea’s take on fitness parties is probably similar to about half of America …..

fitness parties


SO is Chelsea right?  Fitness instructors say that fitness parties are actually  just the beginning of the night.  They are usually followed with a night out on the town.   I suppose that this could be a good thing.  At least you know you got your workout in before drinking and eating the calories back!!!

Would you do it !??   What’s your opinion on fitness parties??   Personally, I think these parties would be great for work environments and companies that are trying to build morale.  They could also be beneficial for teens and kids.


kiki goer,

Adria Ali



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