Nike Contact Lenses – Maxsight


When I saw these I was blown away!  How could I have missed this!??  Nike has created contact lenses that act as sunglasses but without the frames.  How genius is that?!   The Nike Contact Lenses are meat to block out harmful sun rays, and protect your eyes without having to worry about your sun glass frames slipping off your face.   They also come in handy for fast paced, high performance sports like tennis and soccer.


Maxsight lenses come in 2 colors.  A grey- green color for running and training, as well as am Amber color for high performance sports.

The maxsight lenses look and feel like normal soft contact lenses with the exception of the color.   They are intended and made to cover the whole surface of the eye (pupil and iris, all the colored parts).  They enhance contrast and eliminate 90% of harmful blue light and 95% of UVA and UVB.

As far as I know you can also get these made by your eye doctor in a prescription lenses.   If you’d like to try out a free pair, call your doctor and ask about them and see if they will give you a free sample.  If you have personally tried these out, PLEASE write in and let us know how you liked them!!  Here’s a link to an online site I found to order this product, nike contact lenses.



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