XBox Kinect Vs. Nintendo Wii For Fitness – Review

When the Nintendo Wii first arrived on the scene the world took a sigh of relief assuming that this device would get their kids (and themselves) off the couch. However, as people lined up to buy this interactive gaming system they were soon let down by it’s slow processing speed and glitched games. Next came the Xbox Kinect. As people viewed the new commercials with hesitation, they began to realize that the Kinect gaming system was what they thought the Wii was going to be !   Here is a break down of the pros and cons of each gaming system and which one is better for interactive play time and weight loss.


  • Cheaper then Xbox 360
  • Tons of games
  • Wii Fit Board – senses pressure for games like yoga and balance
  • Doubles as a DVD player
  • Includes Wifi with ability to connect to Netflix
  • Less space is needed to use this system (3-6 feet)


  • Movement is delayed
  • Workout games require you to either hold the remote or use board.
  • Easy to cheat – since this system doesn’t track your true movement (just the remote) you can cheat on the games
  • Due to the use of the remote you must buy more devices to hold the remote while playing such as a steering wheel, dumbbell,golf                    club etc.


  • Fast processing speed (game keeps up with your movement)
  • No extra equipment needed to go along with games
  • You can’t cheat!  Which makes you work harder!
  • Graphics – excellent graphics in comparison with the Wii
  • Interactive games address every type of exercise (yoga, weight lifting, boxing, sports, dancing etc)
  • Increased game speed, accuracy, and variety of games keeps people interested in the games
  • Kinect Sensor continually scans to make sure it’s view is accurate.
  • Xbox has voice command for watching DVDs


  • Expensive – it retails for between $299 – 399.00
  • Space – you most have a 3-6 foot space for movement (6- 9  is optimal).
  • Not as many games released since it’s still pretty new.

Overall, the Xbox 360 got our vote!  I will have to say that upon buying the Wii with the fit board and all the games for fitness I was increasingly disappointed time and time again!  The slow speed of the game and the inaccuracy of the Wii took away all the fun!  The XBox 360 with Kinect allows you to move through out the room without worrying you were going to throw the remote!  It was also very accurate as long as you were in the vision of the sensor.  For fitness and weight loss the Xbox is a great choice for all family members!

Adria Ali


  1. Tiffany says


    i think you are completely write with the controls of the Wii every time i use one it just moves all over the place my friend tells me i have to get use to it and she is right but now that i have an kinect i am having so much fun i don’t care that im sweating i care more about the fun :)
    Im not saying that the Wii is bad it is still fun every now and then but the graphics as you said are much better. the Xbox i find is very realistic as you get to jump and move.But when i get the chance to go to someones house and play Wii i never use there board for Wii fitness as they say it needs battery’s and that im afraid i will break it the controls for the we are so delicate you have to be so cautious, so makers of Xbox 360 kinect you’ve got my vote. p.s sorry for the very long message.

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