Are You Posh Enough For The Alkaline Diet?

Victoria Beckham

Is it just me or am I just feeling the pressure of summer and all I WANT is to be skinny! I’ll even take flinny (Flabby and skinny). Well, I’m freaking out and considering every diet on the face of the earth. So I searched the skinniest celebrity and Posh Spice AKA Victoria Beckham came to mind.

I honestly think she doesn’t eat, but she DOES, it’s just vegetables and fruit. That’s basically all.

It’s the Alkaline Diet.

Here is the premise:

“The alkaline eating plan involves getting rid of refined sugars from your diet and using alternatives like honey, agave and coconut palm sugar. Seventy percent of all food consumed on the diet should be raw, and all cow dairy should be replaced with alkaline dairy like sheep and goat milk. Protein should not be over-consumed, and dieters should drink hot water with lemon every morning to increase alkaline levels.”

Can you do it?!

I’m so into protein that the idea of basically eating all veggies and fruits leaves me wanting more, right now and I’m not even on the diet yet. Imagine when I am!? Ugh.

But the idea of having no acidic foods in my body sound “healthy”, but what they consider acidic food is a lot of the food I consume on the daily.

Acidic Foods: Meat, fish, poultry, dairy products, processed foods, white sugar, white flour, and caffeine.

No caffeine?!

My grandma told me of a diet that worked for her.

I’ve named it “The Nicaraguan Diet AKA The Diet that made her lose a lot of weight in a month.”

It consists of:

Coffee and 2 eggs, for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Alkaline Diet is looking really good now, right?!

Acidic Food Free,

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