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Pilates Plus
Can we talk about PILATES…PLUS!? Yes, it’s not just pilates, it’s pilates PLUS! The plus makes a big difference. I know a lot of you are familiar with pilates. I would like to start off by saying Joseph Pilataes was definitely a genius. But whoever(i.e. a rich Westlake housewife) created Pilates Plus, just trumped Joseph by a centimeter.

I use to go to pilates so I’m very, very familiar with pilates. I love low impact work outs, but when leaving my pricey, middle aged pilates class I always felt it was never enough for me. So I abandoned my uber Hollywood pilates class, complete with a writer, director and cougar actress. That was 2 years ago.

Recently, my fabulous girlfriend suggested Pilates Plus. I was a little weary of this new form of pilates. Actually Pilates Plus has been around for a couple years now, so I’m just late on the train. It has completely taken over and there are hardly any just plain pilates classes…in LA.

Now, here is a fun breakdown of costs.

*In Westlake you can get a private from the most amazing teacher Michelle Schilling for… $85!

Don’t fret, it’s worth it! I promise, trust me…I know, I’m obsessed. If you can’t get over the price of the private, I know it’s a little pricey, you can get a Pilates Plus class at the best Pilates Plus studio in the city, at the West Hollywood location for $99 for 2 classes per week.

You may be thinking, “Bianca, that’s only twice a week of working out!” Let’s be real. Most of you don’t work out more than twice a week. In between, a social life, love life and a career, you barely have time for a work out, let alone 2! Plus, I’m sure most of you have dogs and you go on dog walks that practically count as work outs due to your lack of time for a real work out. So $99 a month gets you 8 classes and that comes out to about $12 a class and you get to work out with the mayor of California, Mayor Villaraigosa. True story. No joke.

So go do Pilates Plus, it’s the best work out! It’s pilates and weight training in one!

Happy Reformer(this is the name of the machines),

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