Get Rid Of Your Armpit Fat

A frequent complaint among women during the sunny seasons is that unsightly skin that rests between your arm pit and your chest.  While body fat could be the culprit, changing your diet alone won’t always solve this issue.  If you’ve noticed women with implants have very little of this extra tissue.  That’s because increasing the size of your chest by adding muscle or implants (in their case), can fill out that skin.  Doing chest exercises paired with back exercises can help fill out that problem area.

Here Are Our Favorite Exercises For This Problem Area



Dumbbell Row

Lat Pull Down

Although you can’t spot reduce, you can add muscle to fill out extra skin.  Keep up on these exercises especially over the summer months and you will see the improvement in no time!

Adria Ali


  1. says


    You can do anywhere from 15 – 20 repetitions. Listen to your body and challenge yourself without going over the top ;)


  2. Tanya says

    I have never had arm fat and have always had a lot of muscle, but had to slow considerably down due to a torn rotator.

  3. susanne says

    I tried to get rid of my armpit fat and started with the exact exercises you show but the spots have become bigger rather than smaller although I did lose a few pounds. What did I do wrong?

  4. says

    I sent you a personal email. Look for it in your mail box and junk mail just in case. It sounds like you should alter your calorie intake to make losing successful with your routine.

  5. rosemary says

    Can u use free weights or a kettle ball if I don’t have a weight machine for the lat pull downs?

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