Get Rid Of Your Armpit Fat

A frequent complaint among women during the sunny seasons is that unsightly skin that rests between your armpit and your chest.  While body fat could be the culprit, changing your diet alone won’t always solve this issue.  If you’ve noticed, women with implants have very little of this extra tissue.  That’s because increasing the size of your chest by adding muscle or implants (in their case), can fill out that skin.  Doing chest exercises paired with back exercises can help fill out that problem area.

Here Are Our Favorite Exercises For This Problem Area – Armpit Fat


Lay flat on the floor with your hands placed at chest level, slightly wider then your shoulders.

Push your body off the ground and contract your chest at the top of the push-up.

Fitness Tips : Keep your butt clenched and your abs tight.  This will help to support the weight of your body during the course of the exercise.

Lower your body back down until your elbows make a 90-degree angle.  This should be right before your body hits the ground.

Repeat this motion 12 -15 times.

If you can’t do a standard pushup uses this variation until your work your way up.  fitness tips

Knee Push-ups


  1. Lie down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand.
  2. Raise the dumbbells up like you’re pressing them, but stop and hold just before you lock out. This will be your starting position.
  3. With a slight bend on your elbows in order to prevent stress at the biceps tendon, lower your arms out at both sides in a wide arc until you feel a stretch on your chest. Breathe in as you perform this portion of the movement. FITNESS Tip: Throughout the movement, the arms should remain stationary; the movement should only occur at the shoulder joint.
  4. Return your arms back to the starting position as you squeeze your chest muscles and breathe out.Tip: Make sure to use the same arc of motion used to lower the weights.
  5. Hold for a second at the contracted position and repeat the movement for the prescribed amount of repetitions.

Dumbbell Row

Bent Over Row – Bend over to 45 degrees, abs in and back flat.  Bend elbows and bring weights towards the rib cage.  Squeeze your upper back bringing the shoulder blades together.  Then lower the weights back down to the starting position in a controlled manner.  This should take 3-4 seconds on the way down. On the up motion it shoulder equal 2 -3 seconds with the squeeze lasting 1-2 seconds.


Lat Pull Down

Lean back slightly.  Try not to arch your back.

Keeping  your back straight, pull the bar down to your chest.

Raise the bar back up and extend your arms.   Repeat 12 to 15 times.



Push Excess Fluids OUT

The other reason for excess puffiness in that area is water retention coming from the glands in the armpits.  These glands (lymph nodes) work to cleanse the tissue of the upper body.  Excess toxin buildup will pool fluid in the upper arms and that pesky armpit area.  So, what some think is fat could also be backed up water retention due to toxins.

arm pit fat

To cleanse this area daily I use skin brushing.  You can do it dry or wet.  Using this map and a natural skin brush, you can help the body redirect stagnant fluids to the glands and out of your body.

Here’s what the Huffington Post had to say about skin brushing

When we’d heard dry skin brushing was an effective method for reducing cellulite, we knew we had to include it in our anti-cellulite road test. Sure enough, it was indeed one of the more successful ways to smooth away less-than-perfect spots on your legs.”

Read our 2 popular posts on this easy detoxing / firming method.

How to Do Skin Brushing – Body Map Included!

Skin Brushing for Cellulite and Detoxing


Although you can’t spot reduce, you can add muscle to fill out extra skin. Reducing body fat is also a key factor.  Make sure you are controlling your food intake to help decrease your overall body fat percentage. Keep up on these exercises especially over the summer months and you will see the improvement in no time!

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Adria Ali


  1. says


    You can do anywhere from 15 – 20 repetitions. Listen to your body and challenge yourself without going over the top 😉


  2. Tanya says

    I have never had arm fat and have always had a lot of muscle, but had to slow considerably down due to a torn rotator.

  3. susanne says

    I tried to get rid of my armpit fat and started with the exact exercises you show but the spots have become bigger rather than smaller although I did lose a few pounds. What did I do wrong?

  4. says

    I sent you a personal email. Look for it in your mail box and junk mail just in case. It sounds like you should alter your calorie intake to make losing successful with your routine.

  5. rosemary says

    Can u use free weights or a kettle ball if I don’t have a weight machine for the lat pull downs?

  6. shivanshi says

    Hii mam….i hve a lot of fat n armpit and n tommy also….plz tel wat type of food i should eat.

  7. says

    If you want to lose fast, we will be putting together a recipe book soon!

    However, for now, eat about 125 carbs per day. Eat those carb in the beginning of the day. Once the sun goes down and you become less active, then eat less carbs. Try to stop eating 3 hours before bed.

    Calorie wise, eat 1500 ( I could give you more exact info if I knew your weight and height).

    Exercise AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. 3 days of lifting and 4 – 5 days of cardio (for 20 – 40 minutes).

    I hope these fitness tips help! Thank you for reading and let me know if you have more questions.

    Paleo foods, gluten free foods are some of the best options as long as you mind your carbs.


  8. shivanshi says

    Mam mah weight is 65kg nd mah height is 5′ 3″…
    Please suggest some vegetarian food only….i didnt eat nonveg.

  9. Ayesha says

    Hi Adria!
    I’m a sixteen year old who weighs 56 kilograms at a height of 5’7″…my gynecologist said I should lose weight….currently, I’ve cut off my calories on a daily average of 1000-1500…is that okay for me or not!?…since I read somewhere that my daily requirement lies in between 2000-2400…
    Secondly, I request you to update us with some very precise, short and easy exercises for arm/armpits….and the ones not involving any weights would be even better! :)

  10. Lu Ann says

    I am 54 year old female. In the Fall I lost 16.9 lbs down to my feel good weight of 126 (I am 5’6″). Unfortunately, I noticed more arm pit skin AND dangling skin under my bicep area.

    I attend aerobic/toning/spinnning classes at my gym 4 days a week for one hour each class. I feel great but can’t get rid of this flabby stuff. When I was heavier, I guess those areas were filled out with flab so I didn’t notice it as much.

    I read your article on arm pit fat, but what can I do about the flab under my arms. It’s not an huge amount, but it’s def more noticeable since I lost weight. I know I can’t do anything about the skin, but can I at least spot tone those areas so it looks less loose?


  11. says

    Lu Ann,

    You’re problem is VERY common. You can add muscle tone to those areas which is very important. The other things is that the skin has been stretched for a prolonged period of time. The older you are the longer it takes to firm up. It’s important to apply lotions that contain vitamin E. The other product I now recommend to all my clients is collagen. Neocell makes a great product known as “Beauty Infusion.” This product is great for returning the elasticity to skin. As you age, collagen diminishes which leads to sagging and stretching. While, I’m not that old, I have been using this product for the past month and I have already had several clients (without knowing) remark on how much younger I look. This product has great results and it works FAST. Usually, people see results within 2-6 weeks. It’s also great for hair, nails, and joints. It’s a small price to pay for feeling and looking better. I will be adding it to the within the next 30 days but for now, you can find it at

    If you decide to purchase this, please tell us how you like it.

    Than you for reading and commenting on this article!


  12. Maya says

    My doctor told me i should lose some weight can you message me personal for tips…i need to lose weight in my thighs, stomach(love handles too), lower back and shoulder area…its really awkward for me to lose weight because im half muscle then half fat

  13. says


    Weight loss is 70% how you eat and 30% how you workout. I am available for coaching if need be but there is a fee involved for my time. Let me know if you are interested.

  14. tracy purcell says

    Hi I’m a female age 40 weighing 160 and bout 5’5. I was diagnosed with secondary progressive ms and currently take a treatment every 28 days. I’ve been looking around trying to find someone to help me out with some meal planning.. I don’t eat much n I need to get into a routine of eating throughout the day instead of one small me all meal.. I have lots of underarm to tone and thighs n buttock areas n not sure if you could help me in the right direction.. plz help me if you can thank you bunches

  15. Shamaila says

    Hey there, in ur introduction you said ur occupational therapist too? My 3yrs old id autistic and I was wondering if you help autistic children too? What kind of help and advice you gve?

  16. says


    I have an internship in occupational therapy but I would be happy to give you any advice I can to help out. I have worked with a lot of different clients. Please email me directly via my “contact” link.

    Thank You,

  17. Amanda says

    Just saw this site for the first time! I would not wear a lot of my clothes this summer because of the fat by my armpits, very self conscience about it. I cant wait to put your suggestions to work!! Im 42 5’1 and due to an illness early this summer went from 114 to 139 pounds in less than 2 weeks….2 months later I cant seem to get rid of the weight etc. My ideal weight is 105-110. Again, thank you!!!

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